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Reliable, Knowledgeable, Current, Collaborative

Lamb Hanson Lamb’s reliability in providing a high degree of professional service to its clients is a key attribute of the firm’s long standing goodwill in the Greater Seattle Region. The firm’s knowledge base is established by four consecutive generations of real estate appraisal and consulting providers who honor a deep commitment to professional ethics and maintaining public trust. Understanding patterns of ever changing real estate markets, while staying current with developing trends puts Lamb Hanson Lamb at the frontline of appraisal reporting. Lastly, the firm’s collaborative approach to problem solving ensures greater credibility in the appraisal services provided. The depth and breadth of this team’s experience allows them to meet any of your appraisal needs with the utmost attention to quality, timeliness, and communication.

Market Statistics/Updates

The March jobs report was relatively disappointing with 192,000 jobs added for the month as the the expectation was around 200,000. Subsequently, the unemployment rate remained at 6.7 % while the market had forecast a reduction to 6.6 %.  As is often the case, it is important to take account of the detail of the payrolls release – the private-sector is showing a full recovery. The report included 116,087,000 private-sector jobs, above the January 2008 high. Disappointingly, at over six years, this is a record long period for private-sector employment to make up what was lost in a recession; the previous record was four and a half years following the 2000 top.

At this point, it’s government payrolls holding the labor force down and 437,000 more jobs are required to get the total number back to the peak. At the current pace, this is likely to happen in June. Thus, though interest rates took a dive on Friday, the report is unlikely to change the Fed outlook on tapering quantitative easing and implementing rate hikes.



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